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Instructional Variety: The Spice of Training

Why only sticking with your favorite instructor could be holding you back…

Our instructors play an important role in our pole & aerial journeys.  They do so much more than just teach us moves & combos. Motivational speaker, drill sergeant, & therapist are just a few of the many hats an instructor sometimes wears.  Just like we do with all of the other categories of people we have in our lives, we tend to have favorites. It may be their personality, their style of teaching, or the style of music they play in their classes, but most of us tend to have one or two instructors that we gravitate towards.

This isn’t a bad thing.  Connecting with your coach on a personal level makes you more comfortable & can certainly benefit your training.  But there is just as much progress to be made outside of your comfort zone!

We’ll make all kinds of crazy excuses to ourselves about why we don’t want to take a particular instructor’s class. Maybe you don’t care for their warm-up, the music they play, or their particular style of teaching.  Perhaps your personalities don’t click or you just simply can’t stand the sound of their voice. There is a never ending laundry list of reasons that we can concoct when we are trying to stay in the safety of our comfort zones.  But the truth is, the list of benefits that we can reap outside that zone far outweigh any excuses we can come up with.

Breaking It Down

Switching up your instructors may help a move that you have been struggling with to finally click.  It could be their technique or simply how they break the move down & explain it, but sometimes just hearing it from a different perspective may get you the clarity you’ve needed.  Maybe a newer instructor will be able to relate to where you are in the learning process because she still remembers very vividly what it is like when you are just starting out. On the other hand, a more senior instructor may have better verbiage to break things down for those of us who are more technical.  If your goal is to someday become an instructor, it is of great benefit to be exposed to as many teaching styles as possible throughout your journey.


Does an instructor compete or perform?  Is their style sporty or sexy? These factors will likely carry over to what they teach & how they teach it.  Even if their style is on the completely opposite end of the spectrum from yours, they can still benefit your training.  They will be able to offer a fresh, new perspective on something that you may have been struggling with.

Building Blocks

While we spend a great deal of time learning & perfecting tricks & combos, we all know that there are many other factors that play equally important roles in our growth.  Warm ups, cool downs, conditioning, flexibility, nutrition & rest are important factors in our training. Don’t forget that your coaches can also offer a wealth of knowledge in these areas too.  What works wonders for your favorite instructor may not always go as well for you. Taking class with a variety of teachers will open up a whole new world of helpful training tips & techniques.

You know what they say…variety is the spice of life.  It is also the seasoning that can take your pole or aerial training from plain old instant rice to a nice, spicy paella.  So get out of that comfort zone & see just how much progress there is to be made!

Flirt Your Way to Weight Loss

measure tape

Aerial and Pole Dancing: Fun and Sexy Fitness

Did you know pole dancing develops your core strength and upper body more than most other sports? Aerial and pole dance are also great ways to develop endurance and maximize your flexibility. With professional competitors across the globe, pole dancing is more than just a sexy way to stay fit…it’s a serious work out!

Join the fun and watch our professional pole dancers perform their amazing routines when you get in touch with Bittersweet Fit Studios. We offer classes, performances and more! Visit us on the web to learn more.

Spring is Coming, Try Something New

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Pole dancing fitness classes in Jacksonville are perfect

Spring is on the way, and that means people all over the country will soon be knee deep in their spring cleaning projects. Don’t forget that along with your home, your body also needs to spruce up.
Exercise is an excellent way to clean up your body’s bad habits this spring. Of all the exercise regimens out there, pole dancing fitness is the best.

Intense, yet gentle

The benefits of pole dancing fitness are applicable to many parts of the body. As a beginner, you begin to notice improvements in your core strength and flexibility. As you progress, your confidence and self-esteem starts to come along, as you learn to master certain techniques. By the time you reach advanced classes, your coordination has enriched as you start to time moves with your newfound physique.
All of this is incredibly healthy for your mind and soul. When you begin to apply yourself to a practice like this, the information helps to remove and replace a lot of unnecessary stress.
We at Bittersweet Studios, understand how the start of spring is an opportune time to cast off the weight of the past and learn something new. That’s one reason why we provide quality pole dancing fitness in addition to our many other classes.
Visit our website or call (904)-451-2627 to sign up for a class, today!

Top Three Reasons Why You Should Try Pole Dancing


1.)  No longer taboo- Pole dancing used to have a negative meaning to it. Now it’s a safe and healthy workout.

2.)  Full body workout- With routines that work out your heart, abs, legs, and chest, you’ll be sure to get your full workout in each session.

3.)  Fun- When you’re working out, being stressed is the last thing you need. Pole dancing classes are offered for groups so you can go out and have some fun.


If you feel like pole dancing is something you’d like to try out visit for more info or visit them in person if you’re in the Jacksonville, Florida area.


Women and Pole Dancing

For as long as human kind can remember, women have gotten shamed and blamed for everything. If you wear red lipstick, you’re wild; if you wear a dress, you’re asking for it; if you pole dance, you’re a loose woman… It’s time to stop with all the stereotypes and take them down one by one, starting with pole dancing.

Pole dancing is not about stripping. Pole dancing is about taking who you are and challenging what you can be. It’s about strength, confidence, fitness and feeling confident in your own mind and body. It’s taking ownership of your body and using it to express yourself with an art form.3

Think of all the things you keep silent about, and then think about what it’d be like to say those things out loud. With dancing and through dancing, women reach the strength and courage they need say those things they sometimes can’t. Pole dancing may have an association with stereotypes but honestly, what doesn’t? Don’t let connotations stop you from doing something that can empower you and you might enjoy. Try it once. If you don’t like it, no harm done, but you just might discover something new about yourself in the process.

3 Fun Exercise Classes to Try



  1. Bar Method: Bar Method blends isometric training with classic ballet moves to strengthen the core and increase flexibility. This training has even proven to strengthen the body for easier pregnancies.
  2. Zumba: Blending an aerobic workout with classic Latin dances, Zumba is a fun way to get the heart rate up and burn calories.
  3. Pole Dancing: Are you looking to sculpt your body while boosting confidence? Pole dancing classes strengthen the core and upper body for increased flexibility, all with the sexy flair of dancing on the pole.


Are you interested in trying a pole dancing class? Bittersweet Studios offers fantastic pole dancing exercise classes, led by quality instructors, to help you sculpt your best body with lasting results.

3 Ways Pole Dancing Exercises Benefit the Body


  1. Strength Training: Would you like to strengthen your upper body? Pole dancing offers suspensions that challenge and strengthen your arm and core muscles in a fun and sexy ways.
  2. Flexibility: From leg splits to dance stretches, pole dancing can increase participant flexibility even after the first class.
  3. Confidence: Are you shy? Pole dancing classes are a great way to get out of your shell and get your sexy back in a safe space.


Would you like to try a pole dancing exercise class? Bittersweet Studios offers pole dancing classes led by experienced instructors to sculpt your body and boost your confidence.

Bittersweet Studios Whisky River Full Moon Party


Bittersweet Studios always enjoys performing at Whisky River, and we performed aerial silks there again on June 22 for their quarterly Full Moon Blacklight party. We had a great time and the crowd was wowed by the aerial acrobatics and glowing silks. Make sure to keep an eye on the schedule and come out to see us the next time we perform!



Marlo Fisken Workshop


On June 16th, Bittersweet Studios had the pleasure of hosting the incredible Marlo Fisken for her signature tricks workshop. We learned some new floorwork around the pole, how to work a static pole and some fun new tricks. She was such a great instructor and pushed us all to work our hardest. The best part was at the end when she had us free-style while she called out numbers from 0 to 5, indicating how fast we should be moving, with 0 being completely still and 5 being manic. It’s always good to work on free-styling and it was fun to have some direction!

Check out video of our freestyle HERE!

International Pole Convention 2013


Bittersweet Studios had an AMAZING time at the International Pole Convention 2013, which was held in West Palm Beach June 7-9. Our Releve Aerial Dance group performed a great doubles routine that included some acro, and Katie Cooper, one of our instructors, performed a fun solo routine. We met Oona Kivela, Marlo Fisken, Kyra Johannesen and many other incredible pole dancers as well as watched some absolutely breathtaking performances. Check out all of the videos we took at the Pole Convention on our YouTube channel!