Instructional Variety: The Spice of Training


Why only sticking with your favorite instructor could be holding you back, switch up your instructional variety…

Instructional VarietyOur instructors play an important role in our pole & aerial journeys.  They do so much more than just teach us moves & combos. Motivational speaker, drill sergeant, & therapist are just a few of the many hats an instructor sometimes wears.  Just like we do with all of the other categories of people we have in our lives, we tend to have favorites. It may be their personality, their style of teaching, or the style of music they play in their classes, but most of us tend to have one or two instructors that we gravitate towards.

This isn’t a bad thing.  Connecting with your coach on a personal level makes you more comfortable & can certainly benefit your training.  But there is just as much progress to be made outside of your comfort zone when you go with instructional variety!

We’ll make all kinds of crazy excuses to ourselves about why we don’t want to take a particular instructor’s class. Maybe you don’t care for their warm-up, the music they play, or their particular style of teaching.  Perhaps your personalities don’t click or you just simply can’t stand the sound of their voice. There is a never ending laundry list of reasons that we can concoct when we are trying to stay in the safety of our comfort zones.  But the truth is, the list of benefits that we can reap outside that zone far outweigh any excuses we can come up with.Bungee Instructional Variety

Breaking It Down

Switching up your instructors may help a move that you have been struggling with to finally click.  It could be their technique or simply how they break the move down & explain it, but sometimes just hearing it from a different perspective may get you the clarity you’ve needed.  Maybe a newer instructor will be able to relate to where you are in the learning process because she still remembers very vividly what it is like when you are just starting out. On the other hand, a more senior instructor may have better verbiage to break things down for those of us who are more technical.  If your goal is to someday become an instructor, it is of great benefit to be exposed to as many teaching styles as possible throughout your journey.


Does an instructor compete or perform?  Is their style sporty or sexy? These factors will likely carry over to what they teach & how they teach it.  Even if their style is on the completely opposite end of the spectrum from yours, they can still benefit your training.  They will be able to offer a fresh, new perspective on something that you may have been struggling with.

Building Blocks

While we spend a great deal of time learning & perfecting tricks & combos, we all know that there are many other factors that play equally important roles in our growth.  Warm ups, cool downs, conditioning, flexibility, nutrition & rest are important factors in our training. Don’t forget that your coaches can also offer a wealth of knowledge in these areas too.  What works wonders for your favorite instructor may not always go as well for you. Taking class with a variety of teachers will open up a whole new world of helpful training tips & techniques.

Aerial Instructional Variety

You know what they say…instructional variety is the spice of life.  It is also the seasoning that can take your pole or aerial training from plain old instant rice to a nice, spicy paella.  So get out of that comfort zone & see just how much progress there is to be made!