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Bittersweet Studios is the premiere co-ed pole and aerial studio in Jacksonville, Fl. Started in 2012(11?) out of a desire to bring aerial arts to Northeast Florida, we’ve grown to become the place to get fit while flexing your creative muscles as well. And with a variety of pole, aerial, dance and conditioning classes, you’ll have a fitness program that grows with you and your goals. Our classes are designed with you in mind so regardless if you’re a beginner looking to get fit or an elite athlete dreaming of competing, we have classes for you! In addition to beginner-advanced pole we also offer aerial silks, aerial hoop (also called lyra), and aerial yoga. For those who prefer to stay a bit more grounded check out our hand balancing, flexibility, contortion and dance classes! Bittersweet Studios is also home to Jacksonville’s original aerial & circus performance troupe, Bsweet Entertainment.

When you step into Bittersweet Studios you’re stepping into a luxurious 4200 alt-fitness playground. Our three distinct sections (aerial, pole, and dance) along with small class sizes create an intimate environment for you to train and learn. This is not your everyday gym and that’s why we offer over 40 classes a week that you won’t find anywhere else in Northeast Florida!

Our programs are for people who are venturing away from traditional workouts and gyms. The innovative programs we provide are highly effective in building self esteem while transforming your body.

Along with being an incredible training facility for adults we also specialize in training kids in aerial arts. We specialize and tailor our instruction to work with kids that have no experience to helping kids grow their current skill sets and provide cross training opportunities for other competitive sports they may be involved in. We train kids in all areas of our studio (pole sports, aerial arts, contortion/flexibility, dance) and assist them in their goals of performance or competition.

If you are looking for a new idea to create that perfect bachelorette party, girls’ night out, birthday party, or any special event call us today! We can customize a special pole or aerial party in our elegant and spacious venue.

What To Wear To Class

For aerial and bungee classes: We recommend cotton leggings or workout pants that cover the backs of the knees (no Zippers or buttons on pants allowed) and fitted shirts that cover the armpits to protect from any potential fabric burn. Close-fitting bodysuits and unitards can also be worn. No Jewelry on the hands or fingers is allowed. Long Nails that are pointed or can put holes in the fabric are not allowed. No body piercings showing, must be fully covered and not be exposed to the fabric at any time. Socks are not needed and shoes are not allowed in the matted aerial area. We also recommend having long hair secured away from the face.

For pole classes: Pole requires bare skin in order to grip or “stick” to the pole. Fitted shorts and tank tops and sports bras are ideal. Shoes are not required. Please refrain from wearing leggings, baggy clothing, and lotion on the day of your class. No jewelry is not allowed on your arms or hands and must be removed before class. This includes watches.