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Bittersweet Studios is the first co-ed alternative aerial arts fitness studio in Jacksonville that serves clients of all ages and sizes.

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Bittersweet Studios is the first co-ed alternative aerial arts fitness studio in Jacksonville that serves clients of all ages and sizes. We offer a range of fitness options in strength training, cardio, dance and specialized instruction in aerial arts. Our aerial arts programs consist of pole fitness, aerial silks, aerial hammock yoga, lyra/hoop, trapeze, flexibility, acrobatics, and bungee fitness. We host many specialized workshops each year with professionals in the industry and also host a winter/summer camp each year for our young aerialists. Bittersweet is also home to the only aerial arts performance and entertainment group in Jacksonville, BSweet Entertainment.

The studio offers over 4200 square feet of poles, aerial silks, aerial lyra/hoop/yoga/bungee/trapeze, acro and dance training space. We are able to offer a unique experience with intimate classes for personalized fitness needs.


Drop-In Classes

$25-$30 / class

  • Pole Class $25
  • Aerial Class $30
  • Group Fitness Class $25
  • Dance Class $25

Pixie Stix Package

$140-$250 / month

  • 8 classes per month $140
  • 12 classes per month $210
  • Unlimited $250

Jelly Bean Package

$165-$250 / month

  • 8 classes per month $165
  • 12 classes per month $250

Starburst Package

$250-$300 / month

  • 8 classes per month $250
  • 12 classes per month $300

Bittersweet Package

$400 / month

  • Unlimited Classes

Private Instruction

$75 / hour


Our instructors are the best at what they do. They help our clients become successful and feel incredible about their personal journey at the studio. We work hard to support and empower the aerial community by fostering a safe, welcoming, and creative space for clients both new and advanced to train, explore, and grow.


As someone who was never a dancer or a gymnast, finding Bittersweet Studio has been a dream come true for me! Summer and every single one of the instructors on staff are extremely knowledgeable, attentive, encouraging and kind. The atmosphere that they have built at Bittersweet is one of inclusion, diversity and upliftment, with everyone cheering you on as you learn and begin to master new things. It is the kind of place that makes you want to come back multiple times a week and stay for multiple classes each night, one right after the other. The classes themselves are empowering, challenging, safely executed and extremely effective workout. Still, you’ll likely have so much FUN in class, that you won’t even notice the hour fly by or the soreness in your muscles until you wake up the next morning. You will feel yourself getting stronger and more skillful every single time you come to class, and you will start to see significant changes in your body as well. More than anything else though, Bittersweet has created a place where anyone and everyone belongs, and where everyone is encouraged to grow and play and find confidence in themselves that they maybe never knew they could have.

Tara Kear

Bittersweet Studios is the definition of alternative fitness.  I have tried every class and none of them have disappointed. The instructors are trained for body awareness so they are all about safety but don’t hold back when pushing you to be awesome.  If you’ve ever wanted to run away to the circus but your job and family say no, then come to Bittersweet for an amazing work out you won’t get bored with.

Erica Humphrey

Impulsive and Impactful - two words that sum up one of my best decisions in life! I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I joined the Bittersweet family over three years ago, but it has been a catalyst for the transformation into my authentic best self. Getting into shape and improving my body image,  learning how to love myself and deciding it was my turn to be happy, discovering my passions and believing that I am capable of so much more, and building positive relationships with amazing people are just the highlights of what Summer and her team have helped me achieve!

Jessica Costello

When I first walked into Bittersweet Studio in June of 2017, I was in the worst shape of my life. I was against traditional fitness and got winded when I walked. I had zero strength or flexibility. All of the instructors were always mindful of my limitations and helped push me little by little. Aerial Silks have been the best form of fitness for me. I am in the best shape of my life now. I have toned up and become strong. Strong enough to help a man move his living room and bedroom furniture upstairs and only get slightly winded.

Bittersweet has a schedule that is perfect for me and my lifestyle. I am able to go at night after a long hard day of work or start off my Saturday right with morning classes. Every instructor I know in the studio is personal, genuinely caring, fun, and knowledgeable. KT has a way to not only show you a move, she can also talk you through it. She has a way of explaining a movement that helps it click in your brain to get you to understand it better. Christa is super fun and real. Her personality is infectious and she is a joy to be around. I love Monday night classes with her. I recommend not only the art of silks but Bittersweet Studios to anyone who will listen!

Dawn Williams

Bittersweet is my favorite thing about Jacksonville! It is a gorgeous space and is equipped with everything you could ever need to get better. Summer pours an unbelievable amount of love into this place to make it what it is. I also love all of the classes and instructors! Every time I attend a class I learn something new and improve myself. It is truly amazing to notice the progress in myself, but also the progress of those around me. I love Bittersweet because it is a family, and we all grow together, both inside and out. I love Bittersweet!!


My daughter has been training at Bittersweet Studios for several years.   She loves to perform with their performance group and in the Student Showcases.   She has competed in both Lyra and Pole, as a part of the BS Competition Team, bringing home National Titles and a Silver and Bronze Medals in the World Championship. The studio is a wonderful place where she can do what she loves, and I know she is in a safe supervised environment.

Kristen Pafford

Bittersweet Studios allow for the individual to grow at their own pace with instruction from their excellent teachers and encouragement from their fellow students.   Bittersweet is a beautiful, clean and well-equipped studio offering many choices from aerial to pole. Come for a class, stay and be part of a family

Haley Pafford

Bittersweet Studios has become a second home for me. I always know when I go in I can count on being surrounded by supportive peers and getting a fantastic, challenging workout. The instructors are knowledgeable and *safely* push you out of your comfort zone, getting you to accomplish things you never thought you'd be able to. For anyone nervous about taking their first class, the staff and students are with you every step of the way and the variety of classes offered makes it easy to find a discipline that sparks your passion. I absolutely love my Bittersweet family and don't know what I would do without it!

Ben Girvin

I started bringing my daughter in for aerial classes 3 years ago and since that time she has grown in the most beautiful performer. I never thought that was possible at her age but she is competing and performing with the studio team several times a year. She loves the sport and the studio is full of experienced trainers with different backgrounds. I have now started to take flexibility classes with my other daughter. It is helping both of so much to excel at other sports we are engaged in. We are really glad we found this studio and love that we are part of such an inspiring team.

Elyssa Blissenbach

When I started taking classes at Bittersweet Studios, I was desperate to find a fun way to work out. Since taking classes, I’ve never felt more empowered in my entire life. I’ve done things I had no idea I could do.

I now take Aerial Silk classes regularly with KT. Coming to class has never felt like a chore. It is the highlight of my week. Even for someone like me, with no dance or gymnastics background, the Bittersweet team has never made me feel inadequate.The Bittersweet team understands that everyone has different fitness backgrounds. They cater to each student’s needs to help them become strong. Bittersweet focuses on helping their students build a strong foundation in strength, endurance, and flexibility. They also help their students feel confident in what they’re doing.

Darlena Henderson