What to Expect in Your First Aerial Silks Class

When you arrive at the studio, you’ll be greeted by the friendly staff and your instructor who is eager to teach you the magical world of aerial silks! You’ll get to meet other adventurous people like yourself, who are excited to try something new and have a fun time while doing it. Be sure to […]
woman standing in the sunset with a flowing veil

Awaken Your Divine Feminine with Bellydance

The divine feminine resides within us all, but for many of us it has been suppressed, leaving us feeling uncomfortable to express the beauty, sensuality and attraction we all possess. The good news is we don’t have to keep our inner goddess cast to the shadows, there are many ways to tap into her power. […]

5 Great Tips for Your Pole and Aerial Photos 

If you are preparing for your first photo shoot or want to appear more beautiful and graceful on your apparatus, here are five tips to get stunning photos:  1. Fruit picker hands Yes, your teacher always tells you to point your toes, but hands are super important too! They focus the attention of the beholder. […]
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Growing Your Confidence in Aerial Arts

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall If you’ve visited Bittersweet Studios before, you may have noticed one thing that all of our areas have in common…very large mirrors! While they do add to the overall aesthetic of the studio, that’s not their primary purpose. Those mirrors are there to help you, the student. Making friends with […]

Technique Tips for Aerialists: Micro Bends

Improving Your Micro Bends in Aerials  Do you cringe at your reflection in the mirror when performing a fun sequence on the pole or aerial apparatus? Why are my legs not straight and my knees look bent? Aerial silks is a beautiful, flowing art form. In order to create the most stunning shapes, it is […]
Flexibility at any age

Flexibility at Any Age

Flexibility is possible…at any age! Some of the most frequent questions we hear from new students are in reference to flexibility. Everyone wants to be as flexy as possible as quickly as they can so they can get in to all of the fun new moves they’ve seen on the internet. Just like it takes […]

Instructional Variety: The Spice of Training

Why only sticking with your favorite instructor could be holding you back, switch up your instructional variety… Our instructors play an important role in our pole & aerial journeys.  They do so much more than just teach us moves & combos. Motivational speaker, drill sergeant, & therapist are just a few of the many hats […]

Bungee Fitness is Here!

Bungee Fitness You asked for it, we got it…Bungee Fitness is here at Bittersweet Studios! Bungee fitness is here & we are so excited to have this brand new workout at our studio! Many new students are apprehensive about their current level of fitness when it comes to aerial arts like our pole fitness or […]

Find Your Fitness

I’m not sure where the time goes, but somehow we are already three months in to 2018!  So…how are those new year’s resolutions going? What are you doing to find your fitness?  By now you should be making great strides or, if you are like the vast majority, they’ve already been completely abandoned.  While that […]

Pole Sports and Arts World Federation (POSA) Championships 2017

On December 15th and 16th three of our youth athletes competed in Vaduz, Liechtenstein at the Pole Sports and Arts World Federation (POSA) World Championships. Haley Pafford, Athena Roberts, and Jayden Vyne spent months preparing for this international competition after qualifying in March 2017 at the US Pole Sports Federation Championships here in Jacksonville at […]

4 Year Anniversary Showcase

On Saturday, November 12th we had our 4 year anniversary showcase, and to make it even more fun, we had a 70s theme! Our students loved the theme and ran with it, dancing to music that ranged from “I Will Survive” to “Bad Company” to “Dancing Queen”! We loved all the neon colored costumes, and […]

Flirt Your Way to Weight Loss

Aerial and Pole Dancing: Fun and Sexy Fitness Did you know pole dancing develops your core strength and upper body more than most other sports? Aerial and pole dance are also great ways to develop endurance and maximize your flexibility. With professional competitors across the globe, pole dancing is more than just a sexy way […]

Spring is Coming, Try Something New

Pole dancing fitness classes in Jacksonville are perfect Spring is on the way, and that means people all over the country will soon be knee deep in their spring cleaning projects. Don’t forget that along with your home, your body also needs to spruce up. Exercise is an excellent way to clean up your body’s […]

Transform Your Body, Transform Your Life

Aerial Silk Performance There are so many ways these days to stay in good shape. The amount of exercises seems to multiplying by the minute. It is growing at such an astounding pace – it can be truly overwhelming at times. But going to the gym to lift weights, or getting outside to run can […]

Sculpting a Summer Body

And keeping it all year long If you’re chasing tips on sculpting a summer body, you better hurry up! The famed season is only weeks away and there’s only three months of summer to show it off! For many people, the rush to attain a summer body is pressure-filled. It doesn’t have to be that […]

Jacksonville Grand Openings, Corporate Events and Fundraisers

Book the Bittersweet Studios Performance Group Everybody wants their event to be a success. However, many of the people who plan events struggle to do so. Having the Relevé Aerial Dance group from Jacksonville’s Bittersweet Studios perform at your event is a great way to make it a hit. Here are some of occasions we can […]

An MC, High Quality Lights, and Aerial Silk Performances

How to make a club better  Nowadays, a club itself is not enough to make a profit. It’s the extra features that a club offers which attracts party animals and keeps them going. Things like; An MC A club becomes more interactive if you have one person whose main job is to announce drink specials, […]

Top Three Reasons Why You Should Try Pole Dancing

1.)  No longer taboo- Pole dancing used to have a negative meaning to it. Now it’s a safe and healthy workout. 2.)  Full body workout- With routines that work out your heart, abs, legs, and chest, you’ll be sure to get your full workout in each session. 3.)  Fun- When you’re working out, being stressed […]

Women and Pole Dancing

For as long as human kind can remember, women have gotten shamed and blamed for everything. If you wear red lipstick, you’re wild; if you wear a dress, you’re asking for it; if you’re a women and pole dancing, you’re a loose woman… It’s time to stop with all the stereotypes and take them down […]

3 Fun Exercise Classes to Try

Bar Method: Bar Method blends isometric training with classic ballet moves to strengthen the core and increase flexibility. This training has even proven to strengthen the body for easier pregnancies. Zumba: Blending an aerobic workout with classic Latin dances, Zumba is a fun way to get the heart rate up and burn calories. Pole Dancing: […]

3 Ways Pole Dancing Exercises Benefit the Body

Pole  Dancing Exercises Strength Training: Would you like to strengthen your upper body? Pole dancing offers suspensions that challenge and strengthen your arm and core muscles in a fun and sexy ways. Flexibility: From leg splits to dance stretches, pole dancing can increase participant flexibility even after the first class. Confidence: Are you shy? Pole […]

Bittersweet Studios Whisky River Full Moon Party

Bittersweet Studios always enjoys performing at Whisky River, and we performed aerial silks there again on June 22 for their quarterly Full Moon Blacklight party. We had a great time and the crowd was wowed by the aerial acrobatics and glowing silks. Make sure to keep an eye on the schedule and come out to […]

Marlo Fisken Workshop

On June 16th, Bittersweet Studios had the pleasure of hosting the incredible Marlo Fisken for her signature tricks workshop. We learned some new floorwork around the pole, how to work a static pole and some fun new tricks. She was such a great instructor and pushed us all to work our hardest. The best part […]

International Pole Convention 2013

Bittersweet Studios had an AMAZING time at the International Pole Convention 2013, which was held in West Palm Beach June 7-9. Our Releve Aerial Dance group performed a great doubles routine that included some acro, and Katie Cooper, one of our instructors, performed a fun solo routine. We met Oona Kivela, Marlo Fisken, Kyra Johannesen […]

MargaritaFest 2013

Bittersweet Studios was incredibly excited to be a part of Folio Weekly‘s MargaritaFest 2013! We set up our area with a silk and a pole, as well as our amazing caterer available for our parties, Small Bites. The attendees were amazed by the acrobatics and loved the tank tops and tshirts we had available to […]

Bokwa Master Class

On Saturday April 27th Bittersweet Studios hosted a Bokwa master class taught by Lauren Machamer. Bokwa is a high-intensity, easy to follow cardio class that is an amazing workout. In Bokwa, you follow the shapes of letters and numbers as you move, so there’s no new complicated choreography to learn with each new song. Bittersweet […]

Releve Aerial Dance Cabaret Lyra Performance at Whisky River

On April 12th, Releve Aerial Dance was given the opportunity to perform at Whisky River for their Cabaret Night. We had a great time and the audience really enjoyed the unique entertainment of our girls floating high above the crowd!

Jacksonville Moms Blog Takes an Aerial Class

A few weeks ago we had some lovely ladies from Jacksonville Moms Blog come in to take an aerial silks class. They did very well and had a great time. Read about their experience HERE!

Relevé at the Florida Pole Fitness Championships

On Sunday March 3, 2013, Bittersweet Studios’ performance group, Relevé, had the opportunity to perform dance, pole, lyra and silks at the close of the Florida Pole Fitness Championships in Orlando. We worked long and hard to put on a great show and we had a blast doing it! Check out video of our performance […]

February Girls’ Night Out

We like to have girls’ nights out every so often for our members to have a fun time and hang out with friends. For the month of February, we had a burlesque party on the 22nd and one of our amazing instructors, Lexi, taught us a fun routine. We had so much fun dressing up, […]

Full Moon Party at Whisky River

     The same night two of our girls performed lyra at the opening of Taste, two other girls performed silks at Whisky River for their Full Moon party. It was an absolute blast with the black lights and glowing decorations and the ladies did a wonderful job. The crowd was awed by the acrobatics […]

Performance with Nick Loren at Taste

On January 26th, Bittersweet Studios had the opportunity to have two instructors and members of the Relevé Aerial dance team perform with Nick Loren at the grand opening of Taste, a new restaurant experience in Jacksonville’s Southside area. Nick sang while the girls performed a lyra routine and free-styled. The audience enjoyed the entire performance […]

Relevé at the Ultimate Bridal Fantasy Fashion Show

On January 13, Relevé performed before and during the Ultimate Bridal Fantasy Fashion Show at the Jacksonville Bridal Show held at the Sawgrass Marriott Golf Resort & Spa. We had two girls performing aerial silks and two girls on the lyra during a choreographed routine at the beginning of the show. During the second half […]

Bittersweet Studios at the Southern Women’s Show

Bittersweet Studios had a great time at the Southern Women’s Show in October demonstrating pole and aerial silks. Visitors to the show were awed and amazed by the girls and were intrigued by the idea of aerial fitness. We loved being able to show women an alternative form of fitness that doesn’t involve the boring […]