Pole Dancing Classes

Ages for our Pole Dancing Classes (8-60+)

pole dancing classes

No experience-beginner If you’re new to pole dancing classes, this is the class for you. Consider it your Pole 101. You’ll learn the basic elements of pole while building the strength and skill to progress to our mixed level pole dancing classes. We’ll cover everything from how to walk around the pole to basic spins and floorwork. 

Don’t think you’re strong enough? Don’t worry! Our pole dancing classes include a warm up and core conditioning as well as a cool down with stretches to improve your flexibility. We’ll also focus on learning proper body alignment and technique. These are the foundations that you’ll build on for as long as you practice pole. 

Beginner Once you have tested out of Pole .5 get ready for Pole 1! This class will build on the foundations you learned in the previous class as you learn new moves and tricks and prepare for inversions. Just like in Pole .5 we will focus on learning with good form and strengthening both sides of the body. 

Learn how to spin, climb, and move smoothly up, down and all around the pole. You’ll also begin to explore pole sequences and combinations that will give you an amazing cardio workout while developing smooth movement and body awareness. 

Intermediate Start to see the world a little differently in Pole 2. You’ll start working more with inverted moves in addition to polishing and advancing moves from earlier level pole dancing classes. Trick combinations will also be taught to push your skills and strength while helping you define your style as a poler. This class will also allow you to work closely with instructors to master moves at your own pace and experience level.

This class requires completion of our Pole .5 and Pole 1 curriculum. If you are an upper level pole student from another studio please reach out for clearance to take this class.

Advanced This class is designed to take your skills to the next level! Keep improving your strength and flexibility with high level tricks and more complex combinations. 

This class requires completion of our Pole .5, Pole 1, and Pole 2 curriculum. If you are an upper level pole student from another studio please reach out for clearance to take this class.

Pole 1 and up Full body fitness brought to you by pole! This is a great class for students looking for extra conditioning beyond our leveled pole dancing classes. Here you’ll build strength utilizing the pole with drills and exercises as well as with traditional bodyweight exercises like planks, sit ups, and squats. 

Supportive fitness attire is recommended for this class. 

Pole 1 and up This class focuses on the dance and flow elements of pole. If you’re interested in performing as a pole artist, this is the class for you! Learn how to captivate and entertain an audience as you learn a choreographed pole routine. We’ll go over how to put sequences together, add emotion to your movement, and make even the simplest moves look dramatic!

This class is meant to improve your current pole vocabulary and quality of movement. This is not a tricks class.

Pole 1 and up If you can’t get enough of your pole spins then you’ll love Bitter Spins & Sweet Combos! Spice up your spins as you learn exciting spin combos and sequences built to showcase your spins on both static and spinning pole. 

Pole 1 and up, 18+  We’re turning up the heat with this one! Slink your way through floorwork, base work, and low-flow moves around the pole in this sexy pole dancing class. By the end of the pole dancing class you’ll have a mini routine that’s almost too hot to handle!

Please bring pole heels, leggings, and kneepads.

All levels Open Pole is your opportunity to practice what you’ve learned in pole dancing classes and get moves marked off on your checklist. If you are working on a routine for a competition or showcase, this is also your time to rehearse. This is not a class with instruction or spotting. This is time for your own independent training.