Studio Policies

We want to ensure that you have the best experience while visiting our studio. Please make sure to read and understand all studio policies before booking.



Please register for class online through the MindBody system on our website. You must create an account to be able to register for classes. All students must have their own Mindbody account to register for a class. IF YOU ARE PAYING FOR MORE THAN ONE PERSON DO NOT PURCHASE BOTH CLASSES UNDER ONE ACCOUNT. This will only register one person for the class. Please call us and we will assist you. Once you purchase classes under your account they cannot be moved to another person, No exceptions!


We do not offer cash or credit card refunds. ALL REFUNDS APPROVED BY MANAGEMENT WILL BE DONE IN THE FORM OF STUDIO CREDIT. NO CANCELLATIONS WITHIN 6 HOURS OF YOUR SCHEDULED CLASS. Canceling 6 hours or less before a class is considered a Late Cancel. You will NOT be able to reschedule and no refunds/credits. If you need to cancel or reschedule you can do so on your MindBody account. Students arriving more than 5 minutes late will not be allowed to join the class. NO EXCEPTIONS! While we understand this can be frustrating, this is done with your safety in mind as joining a class after warm-up increases your risk of injury. We also want to acknowledge those clients and instructors already participating in class. Introducing a student late to class is very disruptive to all participants. Late students are not eligible to reschedule their class. We reserve the right to give your spot to another student who is present and on the waitlist if you are more than 5 minutes late. Private lessons must be canceled at least 24 hours before scheduled lesson time otherwise the payment for that lesson will be forfeited.


Jewelry (including all rings, bracelets watches, dangle earrings, and anklets) is not allowed to be worn on ankles, fingers, or wrists. Large earrings must also be removed before class. Do not wear jewelry, lotion or sunscreen on the same day as your class. This is a safety issue as lotions and sunscreen can affect your ability to grip. Appropriate attire must be worn during your class. Please see the "What To Wear" section.

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No food is allowed in the aerial, pole, or dance areas. Beverage containers without lids are not allowed in the aerial, pole, or dance areas. Chewing gum is not permitted in the studio. Please be respectful of other students and keep electronic devices muted or use headphones. No recording of any kind unless you have permission from your instructor. You are not permitted to record any instruction or other students, only yourself.


ALL STUDENTS UNDER 18 MUST HAVE A PARENT OR LEGAL GUARDIAN PRESENT. NO EXCEPTIONS! Students 17 and under who do not come with a parent or legal guardian will NOT be allowed to participate in class. Parents MUST remain in the studio for lessons until an instructor approves drop-offs. Unattended children are not allowed in the studio. Please do not bring children to wait while you take classes. You will not be allowed to take class and no refund will be given.

Unfortunately, three hours before its scheduled time, any class with less than three participants signed up will be canceled. Please make sure you have set your preferences in Mindbody to receive text and email alerts for classes.

Anyone using electronic devices must have headphones or the device must be muted out of respect to the clients participating in class.

What To Wear To Class

For pole classes: Pole requires bare skin in order to grip or “stick” to the pole. Fitted shorts and tank tops and sports bras are ideal. Shoes are not required. Please refrain from wearing leggings, baggy clothing, and lotion on the day of your class. No jewelry is not allowed on your arms or hands and must be removed before class. This includes watches.

For aerial and bungee classes: We recommend cotton leggings or workout pants that cover the backs of the knees (no Zippers or buttons on pants allowed) and fitted shirts that cover the armpits to protect from any potential fabric burn. Close-fitting bodysuits and unitards can also be worn. No Jewelry on the hands or fingers is allowed. Long Nails that are pointed or can put holes in the fabric are not allowed. No body piercings showing, must be fully covered and not be exposed to the fabric at any time. Socks are not needed and shoes are not allowed in the matted aerial area. We also recommend having long hair secured away from the face.


What are the risks of aerial arts?

Aerial arts are a great way to work out and express your creativity but there is still risk involved. As with any activity performed off the ground, you should exercise extreme caution and never try to work above your skill level. Common injuries include overuse injuries of the shoulders & back, pulled muscles, bruises, fabric burn, and dizziness/nausea from spinning or being upside down.Other risks include but are not limited to sprains, broken bones, paralysis or death. Students participate at their own risk.

Bittersweet Studios is committed to maintaining a safe environment to learn and train. This includes using crash mats, hands-on spotting, and keeping staff trained on best safety practices.

As tempting as it may seem, avoid learning from Youtube or others who are not qualified professionals. Aerial arts include many wraps and positions and what seems simple in a video can be complicated and dangerous when attempted alone. A fall from an apparatus can result in paralysis or even death.