Aerial Classes

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Lyra (Aerial Hoop)

All levels Also known as aerial hoop, lyra is a circular metal apparatus suspended from a singular or double point. You’ll start off by learning ways to enter and exit the hoop as well as beginner moves to build your strength, stamina, and flexibility. As you progress you’ll start to learn more complex skills as you flip, spin, and transition through the hoop. 

Please wear clothing that covers the backs of the knees and under arms. This is to prevent friction burns from the hoop. 


All levels  This class is intended for beginner and experienced aerial students who are ready to take their skills to the next level. You will be guided to create your own individual style through exercises that will help you take the skills & sequences that you have learned and elevate them into beautiful choreography. You will also learn to move seamlessly within the hoop and transition from the ground to the floor.



Aerial Silks

All levels One of the most recognizable aerial arts out there, aerial silks uses fabric to create stunning, gravity defying sequences high in the sky. In our mixed level aerial silks class beginners will build strength and master aerial fundamentals such as how to create “locks” around the body with the fabric as well as basic climbing skills. As you progress you will also learn foundational sequences and tricks including inversions and drops. As an intermediate or advanced student you will learn new sequences, skills, and even drop combinations to push your skills to a new level as well as polishing your foundational skills. 

Please wear clothing that covers the backs of the knees and under arms. This is to prevent friction burns from the fabric. Leggings made from natural fibers such as cotton are also recommended as they provide more grip on the silks.

Aerial Yoga

All levels Flip your yoga practice on its head. Literally! Aerial Yoga uses aerial hammocks (sometimes called aerial slings) to provide support through traditional and aerial specific yoga flows. Unlike aerial silks, you will not be learning tricks or going high off of the ground. The aim of aerial yoga is to counteract gravity and relieve some of the compression from our everyday lives. Suspensions and inversions even a few inches off the ground can help release the tension from bones and muscles while helping to improve flexibility.

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