What to Expect in Your First Aerial Silks Class

Blue aerial silks hanging in a studio

When you arrive at the studio, you’ll be greeted by the friendly staff and your instructor who is eager to teach you the magical world of aerial silks! You’ll get to meet other adventurous people like yourself, who are excited to try something new and have a fun time while doing it.

beginner aerial silks class, standing on an egg knot in blue silks, reaching up with one hand

Be sure to arrive a few minutes before the class starts, as you will need to check-in and complete a waiver before you step onto the mat. It is typically best to come wearing form-fitting clothes that cover your skin, such as leggings and a t-shirt, and remove all jewelry and accessories that could snag the fabric. The more colorful, stretchy, and funky your clothes, the more you’ll feel like a superhero swinging from the rafters!

beginner aerial silks class standing in mountain pose, on an egg knot in blue silks

Once the class begins, the music starts playing, and you’ll be led through an energizing warm-up to stretch your muscles and prepare your body for work on the silks. This may involve exercises like jogging in place, jumping jacks, and other exercises that focus on the arms, shoulders, and core.

beginner aerial silks class, standing on an egg knot in blue silks, one arm stretched in front of them holding a silk, the other arm grasping the other silk above their head, while leaning their back on that silk

After the warm-up, the instructor will demonstrate basic moves and techniques on the silks such as how to climb up and down the fabric, how to wrap your feet and legs in order to support yourself in the air, and how to create various shapes and poses with your body. You will not be expected to reach the ceiling in your first class, but you will be surprised at all that your body can already do!

beginner aerial silks class, sitting on an egg knot with their legs crossed on blue silks

You will then have a chance to try out these moves yourself, with the instructor offering guidance and corrections as needed. Be sure to take breaks and drink plenty of water along the way – your body will thank you tomorrow!

beginner aerial silks class, standing on an egg knots in blue silks, in sail pose

Towards the end of class, the instructor will typically lead a cool-down that may include some gentle stretches and exercises. Now is a great time to chat with the instructor and your new aerial silks friends – ask questions, and share your experiences about the amazing things you’ve just accomplished. You’ll leave the class feeling inspired and motivated to come back for more fun and adventure in the air!

two aerialists in white unitards doing slits on white aerial silks