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Pole Sports and Arts World Federation (POSA) Championships 2017

On December 15th and 16th three of our youth athletes competed in Vaduz, Liechtenstein at the Pole Sports and Arts Association (POSA) World Championships. Haley Pafford, Athena Roberts, and Jayden Vyne spent months preparing for this international competition after qualifying in March 2017 at the US Pole Sports Federation Championships here in Jacksonville at the University of North Florida.


Haley, age 16, has been dancing her entire life and first started taking aerial classes with us, but soon fell in love with pole sports. Her incredible flexibility and grace are always inspiring and her performances are beautiful. She has taken classes at many dance studios throughout Jacksonville, FL, but her favorite is Bittersweet Studios!

How long have you been taking classes at Bittersweet? Almost4 years now.

What is your favorite aerial class? I enjoy Kat’s Lyraography class a lot.

What is the most fun part of competing? Definitely not the preparation! I love actually performing it on stage and showing everyone what I’ve built during hours of practice.

What advice do you have for someone taking a pole class for the first time? Take an Epsom salt bath afterwards!

Athena, age 11, began her athletic journey in figure skating and wanted to take aerial classes to improve her strength, balance, and flexibility. While taking aerial classes at Bittersweet Studios, she grew curious about what was happening on the other side of the curtain and took a pole class. She discovered the joy of dancing on and around the pole and her strength and flexibility have definitely improved in her two years of taking aerial classes.

How long have you been taking classes at Bittersweet? About 2 and a half years

What is your favorite aerial class? Silks.

What is the most fun part of competing? The relief of getting the routine done!

What advice do you have for someone taking a pole class for the first time? Try your best: it doesn’t come easily but you’ll get it!

Jayden, age 14, has worked tirelessly over the past several years to hone her skills in all areas of aerial dance at Bittersweet Studios. She loves both lyra and pole and always chooses unique music for her performances, using her extreme flexibility to create one-of-a-kind movements. She takes multiple aerial classes a week with us and we’ve loved seeing her strength grow!

How long have you been taking classes at Bittersweet? For about 2 years

What is your favorite aerial class? I love to take the Lyra classes

What is the most fun part of competing? I love meeting people on the team and from other countries.

What advice do you have for someone taking a pole class for the first time? Just try your best and don’t give up.

Sculpting a Summer Body

And keeping it all year long

If you’re chasing a summer body, you better hurry up! The famed season is only weeks away and there’s only three months of summer to show it off! For many people, the rush to attain a summer body is pressure-filled. It doesn’t have to be that stressful. There is one simple way to make that summer body yours.
Get your summer body and keep it! Once September hits, doesn’t mean you have to stop all exercise. You’ll find that maintaining a fit physique all year long will do wonders for your mental state. How do you accomplish this? Enroll yourself in an exercise class!
A pole dancing or aerial arts class to be exact. In the Jacksonville area, Bittersweet Studios offers the classes that can help shape you summer body. With commitment, you can keep it too. Visit our website or call (904)-451-2627 to sign up for a class, today!

Jacksonville Grand Openings, Corporate Events, and Fundraisers

Book the Bittersweet Studios Performance Group

Everybody wants their event to be a success. However, many of the people who plan events struggle to do so. Having the Relevé Aerial Dance group from Jacksonville’s Bittersweet Studios perform at your event is a great way to make it a hit.
Here are some of occasions we can perform at.

Grand Openings

A new business needs all the publicity it can get its hands on and a grand opening offers a lot. An aerial dance performance will have people coming back long after the party.

Corporate Events

Your employees deserve a celebration. There is no better way to say “thanks” then to present a high-energy, exotic aerial performance for them to enjoy.


One important aspect of holding a fundraiser is figuring out what your potential donors enjoy. If a majority of them appreciate professional dance, then our group will ensure you reach your fundraising goal.
At Bittersweet Studios, our Relevé Aerial Dance group is comprised of trained fitness and dance experts. They are all well versed in many forms of aerial arts & dance and can help your event be the memorable bash it deserves to be.
Visit our website or call (904)-451-2627 for more information!


An MC, High Quality Lights, and Aerial Silk Performances

How to make a club, better

Nowadays, a club itself is not enough to make a profit. It’s the extra features that a club offers which attracts party animals and keeps them going.

Things like;


A club becomes more interactive if you have one person whose main job is to announce drink specials, make announcements, and most importantly keep the crowd hyped.

High Quality Lights

A good compliment to a club’s vibe is a phenomenal light rig. With the house lights down and multi-colored spotlights going haywire, it’s hard for club goers to leave the dance floor.

Aerial Silk Performances

This has become a trend recently. The involvement of aerial silk performers from a club’s ceiling is an additional element that is more elaborate than a go-go dancer but not exhausting like full-on acrobats.

Are you interested in giving aerial silks a try? Bittersweet Studios in Jacksonville not only offers aerial classes but a diverse range of pole dancing classes as well.

Visit our website and learn more about our exciting alternatives to traditional exercise.

Bokwa Master Class

On Saturday April 27th Bittersweet Studios hosted a Bokwa master class taught by Lauren Machamer. Bokwa is a high-intensity, easy to follow cardio class that is an amazing workout. In Bokwa, you follow the shapes of letters and numbers as you move, so there’s no new complicated choreography to learn with each new song. Bittersweet is hosting a Bokwa certification on Sunday May 5th if you’re interested in becoming a certified Bokwa instructor. Call the studio at 904-451-2627 for more information!


Releve Aerial Dance Cabaret Lyra Performance at Whisky River

On April 12th, Releve Aerial Dance was given the opportunity to perform at Whisky River for their Cabaret Night. We had a great time and the audience really enjoyed the unique entertainment of our girls floating high above the crowd!





Relevé at the Florida Pole Fitness Championships


On Sunday March 3, 2013, Bittersweet Studios’ performance group, Relevé, had the opportunity to perform dance, pole, lyra and silks at the close of the Florida Pole Fitness Championships in Orlando. We worked long and hard to put on a great show and we had a blast doing it! Check out video of our performance HERE.

February Girls’ Night Out


We like to have girls’ nights out every so often for our members to have a fun time and hang out with friends. For the month of February, we had a burlesque party on the 22nd and one of our amazing instructors, Lexi, taught us a fun routine. We had so much fun dressing up, dancing, and having fun! Make sure to join us for the next girls’ night out. Check out the video HERE and make sure you keep up to date with our events by liking our Facebook page!

Full Moon Party at Whisky River

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The same night two of our girls performed lyra at the opening of Taste, two other girls performed silks at Whisky River for their Full Moon party. It was an absolute blast with the black lights and glowing decorations and the ladies did a wonderful job. The crowd was awed by the acrobatics and Bittersweet gained several new students from the event! Don’t miss Bittersweet’s next performance at Whisky River on April 12th for Cabaret Night! Click here to see a video from the Full Moon party.