MargaritaFest 2013

Bittersweet Studios was incredibly excited to be a part of Folio Weekly‘s MargaritaFest 2013! We set up our area with a silk and a pole, as well as our amazing caterer available for our parties, Small Bites. The attendees were amazed by the acrobatics and loved the tank tops and tshirts we had available to buy. (If you’re interested, stop by the studio and check out our super fun shirts, such as “Life is Better Upside Down”!) While we demonstrated some pretty cool advanced moves, we tried to make it clear that we offer classes for all levels and capabilities. Almost everyone comes in with no dance or gymnastics background and little upper body strength, but that’s why we offer aerial classes! Don’t be intimidated by what you see our instructors demonstrating: you will start out at a basic and attainable level, then progress as you get stronger. There’s no harm in trying a class, and you might just find that it will change your life!

Margaritafestbittersweet studios

Bittersweet Studios at Margaritafest

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