Andrea - Instructor


Andrea is a long-time teacher and practitioner of fitness, yoga and movement classes. After about 20 years of yoga practice on the ground, she fell in love with doing yoga in the air and started her own company, Flying Colors Aerial Yoga, to share aerial yoga in Jacksonville. The hybrid practice of aerial yoga expanded her horizons and eventually led to a deep dive into the wider world of aerial/circus arts. Though she loves to train on hammock, dance trapeze or whatever happens to be rigged up at the moment, the aerial hoop (Lyra) is by far her favorite apparatus. 

Andrea brings the sensibility of her yoga background to teaching aerial arts; she emphasizes alignment, body awareness, and intentional movement. Training, teaching (and sometimes even performing) as a yogi and aerialist is a second act to her first career as a corporate lawyer. She’s having so much more fun now.