Christa Carey Aerial Silks

Christa Carey

All it took was one aerial silks class & Christa wa

Katherine Richardson

Katherine is a graduate of the University of the Arts i

Kennedy Mason

Kennedy was a competitive gymnast at a young age. Unfor

Jason Span

Aerialist based out of Jacksonville, Florida, Jason is

Kira Zander

Kira grew up participating in competitive cheerleading,

Daniela Szeneszi

Daniela Szeneszi has been involved in fitness and dance

kt aerial yoga instructor bittersweet studios

KT Boling

KT began dancing at the age of 3, and has held a pass

Kasey Kerr Dance Instructor

Kasey Kerr

Kasey knew at the age of 3 that she wanted to dance, n

Summer Aerial Instructor Bittersweet Studios

Summer Vyne

Summer moved to Jacksonville in 2010 and shortly after

katie pole fitness instructor bittersweet studios jacksonville

Katie Cooper

Katie took her first pole class in April 2011 and was i