Acro and Flexibility Classes Yoga Classes Jacksonville FL

Acro, Yoga and Flexibility

Nothing But Hands - Hand Balancing Acro Class

This class will feature skills that you can do virtually anywhere. We will focus on acro exercises on the floor as well as hand-balancing canes. This class will cover everything thing from one-arm stands, to headstands, handstands and aerials. This class will feature a lot of conditioning and will focus on keeping correct form through every movement. Aside from traditional moves we will also focus on power yoga poses along with partner acro to work on balance and build strength.

Stretch and Flex

This class is a must for all students especially the beginner students and those getting ready to move into the intermediate/advanced level classes. You will learn how to increase over all flexibility through dynamic & static stretching, reduce your chance of injury, add grace and control to your pole skills, improve your posture and decrease pain. This class is designed for those who want to develop flexibility as quickly as possible. Yoga Classes Jacksonville FL increase your range of motion and strengthen the structures that give you the control and stability you need for pole dancing/fitness, chair dancing, and anything you can think of! This is also the perfect way to cool down after a hot workout. All levels welcome.